JVL Corporation

As one of the pioneers of touch screen technology, JVL Corporation has produced machines that are some of the most user-friendly and low-maintenance in the world.

Based out of Canada, just north of Toronto, this privately held company began as an operator 25 years ago; JVL quickly transformed into a manufacturer of multimedia touch screen entertainment machines. Clients from all over the world have purchased one of their products, including Europe, Japan, Australia, Kuwait, United States, and Canada.

Encore and Vortex, the two premier works from JVL, have broken new ground within the entertainment and gaming industry. Encore was the first countertop game ever to feature a high-definition monitor, 3D graphics processor, and a five-speaker hi-fi system. Coming with 140 games, this machine is definitely in a class all by itself. The Vortex sports a revolutionary power pad that further enhances the already spectacular game play.

From the initial idea of the game to the final product development, JVL is there every step of the way. The goal is to continue to push the boundaries of touch screen technology and raise the bar for video games to an unparalleled level.

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